The Focus & Execute™ Web-based Tool is the only online and on-demand software tool capable of helping lead strategic plan creation and manage execution. This leadership process and tool was built upon proven principles and 25 years of implementation experience. It is designed around the way people think, lead and behave.

Focus & Execute creates a streamlined process for strategic planning which historically has been a fragmented, cumbersome collection of spreadsheets and presentation slides. Focus & Execute has a uniform process, with shared language and common expectations.

Most significantly, by documenting an organization’s strategic plan with this tool, there is a “real time” plan that can track progress, and be reviewed, modified and updated ANYWHERE you have access to the internet. This is especially appealing to geographically dispersed organizations.

Focus & Execute has been meticulously designed to work the way the human brain and eyes work as they process information:

  • Visual
  • Top to bottom
  • Left to right
  • Skim, scan, random, access

There is great power in maintaining each leader’s plan in Focus & Execute plan. When a leader’s name is attached to a specific plan, ownership goes up and so does performance.

Focus & Execute is a cost-effective, innovative way to create collaboration, accountability, measurable results and alignment with strategic priorities. Because the data resides on our server, you never have to install costly software or hardware that becomes outdated and needs an information technology army to maintain.